Twitter and Ning as Free PD


If you think Twitter is only good for following the antics of Lindsay Lohan or Lebron James, you are in for a big surprise. Here are just a few links on how to get started using Twitter for PD:

This is your go-to guide on getting started with Twitter. I find the tabs on the bottom row to be most helpful. Thanks to Steven Anderson (@web20classroom) for providing this resource at his session on Twitter Tips and Tricks at the FETC last month in Orlando.

Jerry Blumengarten, better known as @cybraryman1, has been retired from teaching since 2002 and is cataloguing everything on the internet of interest to teachers. No joke. He has a page for everything – this is just part of the information he has available! Lots of links and resources here.



Nings are online communities where likeminded people gather for mutual enlightenment. At least, that is how I see them. Here are a few Nings that you can check out and request membership in. There are probably others as well, but they are all places where you can benefit from the experiences and ideas of others while you share your own. Think of it as a conference that is free and never ends! If you can’t google up a ning that suits your needs, consider starting your own!

The Educators PLN

Started by Tom Whitby, this ning has a membership of well over 14,000 educators. It is a great place to start building your Professional Learning Network. Click on the last menu item “Other Education Sites” for suggestions of other Nings.

The Independent School Educators Network

Another gigantic Ning that is packed with eager colleagues and rich discussions!